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Saint Louis GM Tote Bag

Saint Louis GM Tote Bag

Saint Louis GM Tote Bag - Burgundy

The Saint Louis GM bag is made from Goyardine and is unlined. It is extremely light and completely reversible. Wear it showing the Goyardine fabric or inside out, showing the linen and cotton mix. Its two leather handles with their progressive thickness mean it can be worn in different ways. It has a removable inside pocket attached to one of the handles for quick and easy access.

The Saint Louis bag was initially designed as a beach bag. Reversible, with the Goyardine on the inside it is perfect for taking home wet things after a day at the beach. Its name is a reference to King Louis IX of France, known as Saint Louis.
  • 34 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm , 350 g

  • Goyardine Canvas & Chevroches Calfskin

  • Linen and Cotton Inner Side

  • Palladium

  • Height of handle : 21 cm

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