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Gallery Dept.

1/1 Grey Custom Heelbite G-Patch Paint Denim

1/1 Grey Custom Heelbite G-Patch Paint Denim

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1 of 1 G-Patch Denim Jeans


Color: Black Wash

A unique pair of upcycled Levi's jeans from Gallery Dept. featuring over 15 hand-sewn patches in the heel-bite. These jeans also have other unique details such as "explosive" pattern stitching, paint splatters, studs, and pins, as well as distressing throughout. This is a one-of-a-kind item, this is the only pair that exists and it was never released to the public.

All alterations and additions are done in-house at the Gallery Dept. location in Los Angeles, ensuring high quality and exclusivity.

16.5" Waist
30" Inseam

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